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4 Warm-Weather Pet Safety Tips from a Vet Near San Jose


With summer on the horizon, now is an excellent time for barbecues, picnics, beach trips, and hiking adventures. It’s also a great time to think about keeping your pet safe. When the temperature rises, knowing how to protect your furry friend is crucial. Here at Happy Valley Pet Hospital, our team never wants to see dogs or cats suffering from heat-related illnesses or injuries this summer. Learn how to protect your pet with these pet summer safety suggestions from a vet near San Jose.

Leave Them at Home

Your dog or cat does not want to wait in a sweltering vehicle while you run errands. Leaving them at home is the safest option. It only takes half an hour for the interior of a car or truck to reach 120° on an 85° day. Parking in a shaded spot or cracking the windows doesn’t keep a vehicle significantly cooler. Leaving the vehicle running with the air conditioner switched on isn't really a great strategy, either. Even brand-new vehicles can break down, and it's possible for pets left alone in cars to unintentionally turn off the air conditioner or bump the vehicle into gear. Leaving your pet in a vehicle by themself can be deadly. No matter how much your pet likes going with you, it's best to never leave them in a vehicle by themself.

Make Sure They Have More Than Enough Water

Your pet should always have free access to clean water. This is especially important during the summer, though, because of the increased risk of dehydration. Like people, animals need more water when summertime temperatures soar. Ensure that their water bowl at home is always filled with clean water. Bring water with you when going for a walk with your pet, too.

Protect Your Pup's Paw Pads

The air temperature isn't the only thing you need to worry about during the summer. Paved surfaces get really hot, too, and can cause serious burns. Black asphalt is the worst offender and can be up to 60° warmer than the temperature of the air. In these situations, serious burns can occur within just a minute. We recommend avoiding all types of pavement as much as possible during the summer, especially on hot, sunny days. If walking on pavement is your only option, check the temperature with your hand prior to letting your pet walk on it. If it is too warm to keep your hand on it for at least 10 seconds, your fur baby can't safely walk on it. Purchasing a pair of booties for your dog is a great way to protect their paws when walking on hot pavement is a must.

Visit a Vet Near San Jose for Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention

We aren't the only ones who love the summer season. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes (which carry heartworm) do, too. Schedule an appointment with your pet’s vet near San Jose to keep them up to date on flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives.

Does your dog or cat need a highly qualified veterinarian near San Jose? If so, we would love to help. Contact Happy Valley Pet Hospital now to make your cat or dog's appointment.


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